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The Spirit of Reconciliation

When I was a child, our local cathedral was Coventry Cathedral. We weren’t Church of England and we didn’t go there all the time, but it was the local cathedral, and it was where we went from time to time. The cathedral was consecrated on 25 May 1962, so this the anniversary week. What you […]

Letting the air in

Ezekiel 37:1-14 Acts 2:1-21 It’s very easy to make three serious mistakes about Pentecost. The first is to assume that it doesn’t really apply in churches like this. We’re a middle-of-the-road church, people say. We’re not extreme. We’re not what is derogatively referred to as happy-clappy. We don’t all have our hands in the air […]

Working with Christ

Acts 1:1-11 Luke 24:44-53 Is the ascension a fictional story of something that couldn’t have happened, written by people in an age when they still thought the earth was flat, of no relevance to us today? Or is it – although impossible to explain in modern rational and scientific terms – a literal truth? The […]

Love is the touch

There was once a grumpy old man, who said that: “There are some people to whom I couldn’t warm to even if I were cremated with them!” Before we go any further, I ought to make it clear that Christians are not called to like everyone. The goes “They Will Know We Are Christians By […]

We are witnesses

John 15: 1-8 Acts 8:26-40 Who inspired you in your Christian faith? Who nurtured you in being a Christian? Whose fault is it that you are here? When people are asked questions like that, the answer is very rarely clergy, but usually ordinary people like all of you. Over the years, many people in this […]

How God empowers us

Psalm 23 We probably all feel that we know Psalm 23 off by heart. It’s often read or sung at funerals, and used to be popular at weddings because the Queen chose it for her wedding. It’s a psalm that is an affirmation that God will provide for us during our life – it’s for […]


Luke 24:36b-48 Acts 3:12-19 Imagine what it was like in that upstairs room. The disciples were startled, frightened, terrified even, and Jesus appears there, with a word of peace. He has to tell them twice that he really is the person standing in front of them. He shows them his hands and his feet, invites […]

You are witnesses

Luke 24:36b-48 Acts 3:12-19 Touching can be as routine as a handshake, or for the younger generations as simple as a high five or a fist bump, or it might be threatening and abusive. Touch is important to us, it nurtures us. Before we were born we were enfolded in our mother’s womb, then consoled […]


The Orkney poet George Mackay Brown cast the story of the road to Emmaus into verse, in a poem written in the voice of ‘A Landlady in Emmaus.’ Her lodgers are ordinary working people called Tom and Ed, and they’d taken up with a travelling preacher who was accused of being a terrorist and was […]

White Easter

I suppose we’re lucky not to have snow again this weekend. It’s a wintry Easter that we’re celebrating this year. I don’t know about you, but it’s no comfort to me to be told that Easter is statistically more likely to be white than Christmas! The psychological and emotional effect of this cold and wet […]